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Tungsten carbide diamond drill set (7 pieces)

Seller: MelodySusie
Type: Bits


The highest standards of precision: tungsten carbide and diamond bits, these nail tools have the optimum strength, sharpness, durability and vibration, with a powerful cutting capacity and the consistency of free file you need, all while producing friction minimum that causes heat. To protect against damage from overheating with heat resistance.
Professional quality: Sharpe and easy to use: cut your time in half. With a minimum presentation necessary to do the job faster. You can use it to fill, cut ditches, do surface work, clean cuticles and side walls.
Universal size: 3/32 "shank, suitable for most electric or rechargeable manicure nail file machines. To protect your skin from damage thanks to superior craftsmanship and well-tested design.
Function: It is ideal for beautifying nails, polishing nails, cleaning and caring for nails, peeling, etc., suitable for manicure, pedicure use, etc. You can sharpen, grind, grease, carve, soften, polish and reshape the gel and acrylic nails, and remove the gel nail or dead skin.
Compact design and quality assurance: with its portable and lightweight design, it is suitable for personal and family use anytime, anywhere. MelodySusie will support the products. If you find any problem with our nail bits, contact us at the beginning.


Material: tungsten carbide diamond
Package: 7 pieces (includes 1 cleaning brush)
Size: 3/32 "shank, suitable for most drilling machines
Cute storage case for nail bits: beautiful and dustproof. It is easy to see through the cover and discover the desired bits.

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