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300pcs professional sanding bands

Provider: MelodySusie

About the product

Three Grit File: 180 # comes with a smooth surface and will be perfected in the natural nail and the cuticle with the low speed of your file. 120 # helps you prepare the nail quickly, smooth the sidewalk of the nail, the shape and smoothness. 80 # to remove gel layers or shorten acrylic or artificial nails easily.
Durable and saving money: high hardness, durability and resistance to abrasion.
Multifunctional: designed to be suitable for most 3/32 "nail drilling machines, which are used to grind, smooth, mold, shorten and polish all nail art, as well as to remove cuticles.
Easy to use: It is suitable for manicure and pedicure. It works on natural nails (180 #) as well as on artificial nails (180 # 120 # 80 #).
Portable and lightweight: it is easy to transport and portable to carry it out. You can place your nails anytime and anywhere. It is professional both for domestic use and for living.

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