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3 pack nail extension gel kit

Seller: MelodySusie
Type: Nail Gels


【All-in-one gel gel kit】 With this all-in-one nail extension gel kit, save time and money from the nail salon. You can create several beautiful extension nails or any other nail design. Enjoy your DIY nail art at home or on outdoor trips.
【Multiple applications and easy use】 This kit is convenient and easy for you to create a beautiful nail extension art. MelodySusie nail extension gels are stronger, more flexible, easier to control. You can apply many beautiful looks by mixing any decoration, such as glitters, rhinestones, gems, mirror dust. It is lighter than acrylic or UV gel. When you do your nails, it seems that you have nothing on your nails. It makes your nails look natural, with quite length and neatness.
Uring Fast curing and long-lasting gel MelodySusie nail extension gel dries very quickly, the cure time of the LED lamp is only 45-60 seconds and the UV lamp is 2 minutes. It will last up to about a month or more with proper use. With detailed instructions both on the listing page and in the user manual, even a beginner will be easy to make your nail extension beautiful and durable.
【Warm tips and tips to remove】 You can dip the brush in a sliding solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol (or alcohol or nail cleanser), so that the nail extension gel can be collected and formed gently. Choose the appropriate nail shapes before doing the extension, not too wet or too dry on your brush when using a sliding solution. A nail drilling machine will save you time and help eliminate it faster and cleaner.

Nail extension gel

1 x Transparent Polygel -50g

1 x White Polygel -50g

1 x Light Pink Polygel -50g

1 x Dual Shape 100 pieces – Different sizes

1 x Double-pointed tool – Nail Brush and spatula

1 x Nail file

1 x User manual

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